Swindon - Supervising First Aid for Mental Health Level 3 - Trade Safety Training & Sales


Swindon - Supervising First Aid for Mental Health Level 3

From: £185.00 + VAT

Mental Health Training

Number of Delegates: Maximum 12

Duration: 2 Day

Swindon - Supervising First Aid for Mental Health Level 3

From: £185.00 + VAT

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This course is suitable for anybody who wants to be able to identify early signs and symptoms of Mental Heath, Start supportive conversations with people experiencing a mental health problem and to access the risks of self harm and suicide.


One in four people in the UK will have a mental health problem at some time in their lifetime.

While mental health problems are common, most are mild and tend to be short term. They can be successfully treated using professional therapists, Medication, Self-help techniques or a combination of these treatments methods. Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health problems. They are often a reaction to a difficult life event, such as bereavement,but can also be caused by work related issues.

Metal health is about how we Think ,Feel and Behave.

Learning Outcomes

This course covers First Aid for Mental Health.

  • Know what Mental Health Is
  •  Why people develop Mental Health Conditions and the role of a first aider for mental health.
  • Know how to provide advice and practical support for a person presenting a suspected mental health condition.
  • Know how to recognise and manage stress.
  • Know how to recognise a range of mental health conditions.
  • Understand the impact of substance abuse on mental health,
  • Understand the first aid action plan for mental health and be able to put it in place.
  •  No how to implement a positive mental health culture in the workplace.
  • Understand a range of mental health disorders and support / therapy provided by healthcare professionals.


This qualification is assessed through a written assessment paper and a practical demonstration which you must pass to be awarded the qualification.


Candidates need a good command of English.


Successful candidates receive a Ofqual certificate, This certificate does not have a expiry date, But it is the individuals responsibility to keep up to date with current legislation. But is recommended that you undertake a refresher course within three years.


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