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IPAF Harness (H) Harness fitting, inspection and certification Swindon

From: £125.00 + VAT

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This IPAF MEWP training course is for the users of ‘Mobile Boom’ machines (commonly known as Cherry Pickers). This machine is driven to it’s place of work, will elevate without the use of legs and can also be driven whilst elevated.

Number of Delegates: Maximum 6

Duration: 1 Day

IPAF Harness (H) Harness fitting, inspection and certification Swindon

From: £125.00 + VAT

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This IPAF operator course is for the users of full body harness with short adjustable restraint lanyards used when driving MEWPS. Once you successfully complete the harness course, you will be able to inspect and certify harnesses and lanyards, why don`t you book a harness training courses in Swindon?


 Our Harness training courses in Swindon have a minimum duration of fours hours.

We supply tea and coffee free of charge.

The IPAF  Harness training starts with a theory session ending in a test paper, don’t worry we will make sure you have all the information to succeed in the test. Once you have passed your test and had lunch you will be given a full practical session where you will learn how to identify issues with all aspects of the harness and lanyard,

Upon full completion to a quality standard, you will then be entitled to a IPAF harness certificate.


Our IPAF Training Courses requires each candidate to provide the following PPE:

  • Hard hat
  • Safety glasses/goggles
  • Gloves
  • Hi-Vis Vest or Shirt
  • Safety boots (steel toecap)
  • Full Body Safety Harness with Short/Adjustable Restraint Lanyard (both in date)

If you require any items of PPE or harness and lanyard we can supply at a reasonable cost on site. (we do loan harnesses and lanyards for the course but you would be better off in your own gear.)

For further information on IPAF Harness training courses in Swindon or extra dates, please contact us at:

Email :- training@tradesafetytraining.co.uk

Southampton Depot

Andes Road. Nursling Industrial Estate, Southampton. SO16 0YZ Tel 02382 548555

Swindon Depot

2268B Dunbeath Road. Elgin Industrial Estate, Swindon SN2 8DP TEL 01793 236333



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