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If you wear or provide tight-fitting Respiratory Protective Equipment as a control measure, then each individual required to wear Respiratory Protection Equipment(RPE) must be fit-tested on the chosen respirator, specific to the manufacturer, model and size (Ref HSE 282.28 Guidance and now replaced by INDG 479). “Recent research suggests that up to 50% of all RPE used does not offer the wearer the level of protection assumed and one of the major reasons is that it simply does not fit”. With this in mind we aim to support our clients through Qualitative or Quantitative Fit Testing to ensure the workforce are adequately protected and are correctly using the chosen Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE). It is no longer enough to just provide an employee with a respirator; it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the chosen respirator/mask has the potential to adequately seal to the wearer’s face. You can provide your workforce with the best respirators, if the chosen RPE doesn’t fit the individuals face the respirator may not sufficiently filter the hazard you are protecting against.

A “tight fitting” respirator is one which depends on the ability of the respirator to form a seal with the user’s face. This includes Filtering Face Pieces (Disposables) Half Masks and Full-Face Pieces, including those used with SCBA. Exceptions to this are air-fed hoods, visors and helmets which do not require a seal to be formed.


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Individual “Qualitative Face Fit Testing” is conducted to ensure that RPE (respiratory protection equipment) is tested, to ensure that it provides...
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Individual “Quantitative Face Fit Testing”. This service can be conducted at our premises or in-house at your own premises. Quantitative...
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