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Train The Tester Qualitative Face Fit Testing

Number of Delegates: Minimum 6 Maximum 12

Duration: 4 / 4.5 hours


Course consisting of :

Qualitative Face Fit Testing relies on a wearer’s subjective assessment of facial leakage. The method uses a nebuliser of a bitter or sweet tasting substance to challenge the mask’s seal throughout a series of tests. The test takes around twenty minutes and requires the user to wear a hood over their head and shoulders. The user will put on the RPE and secure it in position, then the hood will be fitted over their head and once in place, the bitter or sweet substance will be sprayed into the hood throughout the various exercises. If the substance is not tasted or smelt then the Face Fit Test has been successful, if it is tasted or smelt the RPE will be adjusted and the test repeated. Qualitative face fit testing can only be carried out on half masks and disposable masks.

Delegates will be trained to a competent level (not FIT2FIT accredited), having undertaken the course, delegates will comply with all the current regulations, and gain an understanding of the HSE INDG 479, HSG53 and ACOP.
Only suitable for FFPs (Disposable) and Half Mask testing, the qualitative train the tester course teaches:
• Current legislation • Identifying and understanding RPE • The reasons for Face Fit Testing • Types of hazards • Protection factors • Types of RPE and their components • Filter selections • Awareness of Qualitative and Quantitative face fit testing • Understanding the qualitative test kit • How to perform a test correctly to the protocols • Recognising the problems which may occur during a test • Record keeping • Practical and theory tests
This one day course is available for individuals as well as group bookings of up to six people and ensures they are certificated for two years. (Certificate Of Competence ).

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