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City & Guilds – Medium Risk Confined Space

This course allows participants to work in confined, medium risk spaces, in a safe and effective way. You will be taught the necessary measures that need to be considered in order to ensure optimum safety at all times. 

The course will teach delegates how to select, inspect, maintain, and use confined space equipment as well as adopting best practices for working within these environments. 

Duration: This is a 2-day course. 

Confined Spaces Training UK

This course will contain a combination of practical and theoretical tasks that will ultimately equip you to comfortable and successful work in medium risk confined spaces. Health & Safety overviews will be explored as well as adhering to The Confined Space Regulations 1997 and Approved Code of Practice. 

Medium risk confined spaces are classified by areas where is the expectation of encountering a specified risk. This course focuses on scenarios where it is generally not possible to be attached to the safety line constantly, as each team member gradually moves further away from the entry point.  

Course Content:

  • Water OGN Classifications NC1-4 
  •  Identification of risks and their control 
  •  Workplace safety & risk assessment process
  • Weil’s Disease and sewage decontamination 
  • Hazardous atmospheres and gas monitoring 
  • Operation of safe systems of work 
  • Use of permit to work control measures
  •  Personal Protective Equipment
  •  Fall arrest systems 
  • Emergency procedures 
  • Practical Training
  • Escape breathing apparatus 

Should You Attend This Course?

This course is targeted at those who work in medium risk confined spaces, or those who are seeking this type of work in the future. 

Examples of environments of this kind include man entry sewers, utility service, subway tunnels, tanks, chambers, aqueducts, and complex wet wells


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded a City & Guilds Level 2 Qualification. 

For more information on this course, contact a member of our expert team here. 

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