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City & Guilds – High Risk Confined Space

This course will break down all of the aspects to consider and how to deal with risks when working in high-risk confined spaces. You will be taught which equipment may be necessary and how to visually inspect, use, and maintain it. This includes learning to operate compressed air breathing apparatus. Upon completion, you will also be aware of how to enter, work in, and deal with the potential emergencies that may arise. 

Duration: This is a 3-day course. 

Confined Spaces Training UK

This course contains all you will need to know in order to work comfortably and safely in high risk confined spaces. 

You will learn how to adhere to The Confined Spaces Regulations 1997 and how to abide by the Approved Code of Practise. This includes being given a Health & Safety overview, learning about the risk assessment processes, operation of safe systems at work, and the use of permits to work control measures. 

Due to the high-risk element that needs to be addressed, you will also learn: 

  • Water OGN Classifications NC1-4  
  • Weil’s Disease and sewage decontamination
  •  Hazardous atmospheres and gas monitoring
  •  Personal Protective Equipment
  •  Fall arrest systems
  •  Safe entry/exit
  •  Emergency procedures
  •  SCBA, Oxygen Resuscitation, and BAECO procedures. 

Do You Need To Attend This Course?

This course has been designed specifically for those who work in high risk confined spaces, or are planning to in the future. 

High risk confined spaces are classified by areas that need to be entered in a non-standard way, which involve complex operations where tailored control measures are necessary. These environments can only be entered when using self-contained breathing apparatus. 

The course will require each participant to demonstrate a high level of understanding of how to work in these environments and the special measures that need to be implemented. 


Upon successful completion of this course, you receive a City & Guilds Level 2 Qualification. 

If you require any additional information on this course, get in touch with a member of our expert team here. 

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